Mod Men Shows You How PC Modding Is Done

Want to enter the magical world of PC modding but have no clue where to start? Mod Men is a new five-episode web series that will show how the experts turn boring old PCs into works of high-performance art.

Modder-extraordinaire Bill Owen of Mnpctech stars in Mod Men, a web television series for both PC modders and modding hopefuls, showing viewers the ins and outs of making PCs look interesting without sacrificing performance. Over the course of the show's five episode run, Owen will review PC cases, create custom mods, and build a water-cooled PC completely from scratch. The sort of things I would do if I had more free time and electronics didn't spontaneously burst into flame at my touch.


Check out the full first episode here, and hit up the link below to follow Bill on his journey through the land of PC modification.

Mod Men [Official Website]

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