Mod Letting Players Hunt Pokémon In Ark: Survival Evolved Gets Hit With DMCA

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Ark: Survival Evolved now has Pokémon in it thanks to a mod by Mystic Academy. But who knows how long it will last since, as per the Steam Workshop page, a DMCA notice of copyright infringement has already been filed against the item.


The mod in question replaces all of the dinosaurs in Survival Evolved with a cast of about 30 different Pokémon, including Alakazam and Rapidash. Other than that, it plays exactly like you would expect, except you hunt adorable little creatures instead of giant lizards. Oh, and you can also ride them!

According to Mystic River, the models and animations for the mod were ripped directly from Pokémon X/Y, only making slight changes where it was necessary in order for the mod to work correctly, so it’s not surprising that the mod, titled Pokemon Evolved, already has a DMCA notice attached to it.

At least as of now, it’s unclear who exactly the DMCA is from. While it might seem obvious that it would be the work of Nintendo or the Pokémon Company, Mystic Academy apparently told PC Gamer that they believe the take down request was actually submitted by a rival who was also working on their own Pokémon mod for Survival Evolved. As a result, Mystic Academy put out a call to its supporters and fans to protest the current DMCA attached to the mod’s Workshop page.

Meanwhile, you can watch YouTuber everynightxRIOT explore the mod in some detail in a recent video. As he says, there’s no where else you can currently find megalodons and Gyarados swimming in the same ocean.

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If it’s from nintendo, I can’t really find it in me to be too saddened about this. But... If it’s some other people who are just pissed that they didn’t get their mod out first.. well toss it to the dogs then. It’s a shame that if it is the latter, then Nintendo will probably catch wind of it due to being DMCA’d, and the whole thing could come crashing down.