Mod Brings 2003's NBA Street Vol. 2 Into 2020 With Modern Players, Uniforms

Illustration for article titled Mod Brings 2003s iNBA Street Vol. 2/i Into 2020 With Modern Players, Uniforms
Screenshot: NBA Street Vol. 2 Legendary Edition

Oh hell yes. NBA Street Vol. 2, released back in 2003 for the PS2, Xbox and GameCube, has recently been updated to feature some of the players and jerseys we’d expect to be seeing in a game released in 2020.

Building off a major 2016 update by johnz1 and Mazzochi, agent_michael_scarn has released NBA Street Vol. 2 - Legendary Edition, which adds a ton of new stuff beyond the roster and uniform updates, like team logos, apparel, player ratings, some new face models and a replacement for the original GameCube controller graphics with Xbox 360 ones instead.

Not every player addition is new, either, with loads of legendary greats now making up the roster as well.


You can download the mod, or just check out the full roster of players, here.

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Hot take: Street 2 was THE best basketball video game. Street 2 took the house NBA Jam built and gave it style.