Mobile Phones Get Wireless Controller

Enjoy mobile phone gaming? Don't mind looking like a goob? Have I got something for you.

Mobile phone gaming is certainly a healthy alternative to portable consoles and even the iPhone. But cell phones aren't typically designed for gaming. They're designed for calling people on the mobile — hence, why they are mobile phones.


Japanese company Zeemote Technology is releasing a wireless controller aimed specifically at those players who want greater control for their mobile phone gaming experience.

All four or five people.

The Zeemote JS1 is a Bluetooth enabled, 25.5g controller that features triggers and an analog thumb-stick. Perfect for those who are enjoy mobile phone game Gekidan Musume and for those who like hooking up their phone to their television so they don't feel goofy using a peripheral for a small mobile phone screen.


Mobile phone games are supposed to be pick up and play experiences. The use of an external controller undercuts that element somewhat. There seems to be too much planning going into this, robbing it of any spontaneity.


The creation of this product does seem warranted, however. The vast majority of Japanese cell phones do not feature responsive game-type controls. But, holding this peripheral in one hand and then holding the mobile phone in the other hand seems...yeah.


"Zeemote JS1" Portable Stick-and-Button Controller for wireless gaming on cellphone

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