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Mobile Gaming's Diablo Gets a Threequel with Dungeon Hunter III

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While PC and potentially console gamers wait patiently for the biggest name in hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers to deliver its number three, Gameloft announces the third installment of one of the smallest: Dungeon Hunter III.

Some of my fondest gaming moments on the iPhone have been spent with Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter series, and now that my iPhone has exploded and I'm saddled with a Samsung Galaxy S II it's good to know that the virtual button masher love is still heading my way.


The next episode in the Dungeon Hunter saga will feature better graphics, better gameplay, and co-op multiplayer support for at least three players, according to the most recent episode of the Gameloft video podcast.

Seeing as I was perfectly happen with how everything was in Dungeon Hunter II, better seems fine with me. Look for number three to hit the iTunes App Store and Android Market soon.


Dungeon Hunter III [Facebook]

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