Mobile Gamers Now Outnumber Core Gamers, According to NPD Survey

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The NPD Group—the same folks who make news every month by reporting video game sales numbers—have been counting the amount of people who play games, too. They have news. Depending on how you identify and what you care about, you may want to have a seat.


Approximately 12 million fewer people are playing video games in 2012. The research firm says that the total number of current estimated gamers is 211.5 million, a 5% drop when compared to 2011. NPD's study, based on 8,488 responses to an online survey, found that mobile gamers segment are outstripping core gamers in terms of numbers. But core gamers spend more money, which makes them "vital to the future of the industry." (When contacted by Kotaku, NPD said that respondents could only belong to one group.)

Game purchasers reported spending an average of $48 on physical games and $16 on digital games-PC/console/portable in the past three months. Core Gamers spent $65 on physical games over the same time period; this is more than any other gamer segment.


You read get more details from the NPD survey here.

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y'know, I've had a few drinks and I'm tired of being the polite guy.

F*ck 'em! It's not about core gamers being better or anything, but our dollars and our passion BUILT this industry and it feels like every year "the next big market" will come in to replace us.


Facebook gaming, motion gaming, mobile gaming, free to play gaming and whatever B.S. they've come up with always seems to be what people are telling us games "are turning into."

Well guess what: these customers kinda don't give a SHIT about games like we do. They are just the next 'effin distraction to people that just have a few irresponsible dollars to flush down the toilet.

At the end of the day, the month, the year and at the end of the damn decade WE float gaming because we don't care about stupid trends, we care about good games are we always will. We will be here a DECADE from now caring about great games and spending a ton of money to that effect.

And frankly (I know, because I've been SOOO modest up 'till now right?) I'm starting to get a little insulted by just how casually the industry treats us. I'm starting to feel like a girlfriend who's only not being broken up with because my dude can't seem to get with anyone else beyond one night when they realize he's sorta shit in bed.