Mobile fighting game Transformers: Forged to Fight is two years old today, and I still don’t have Waspinator, dammit. Developer Kabam celebrates the milestone with an update featuring revamped mission maps, new challenge maps, updates to many fighters and never giving me the robots I want.

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The Weary Luddite

Golly, mobile F2P (SO not “free”) games have really suckered me in the past few years. I remember seeing you cover Lineage 2: Revolution and seeing the autoplay feature and being like, “What... how is that fun?” And then a few months later I got into it and was like, “Ohhh... so it’s the feeling of progress without actually having to spend much time in real life on the game - which is in short supply these days.”

I’m playing a new Western-style turn-based gacha that’s scratching that itch at the moment. Raid: Shadow Legends. Has a gritty, somewhat Middle Earth art-style to it. Worth checking out if you’re into those kinda games.