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Mob Psycho 100's Heroes Offer Spiritual Advice Through A Fourth Wall-Breaking Website

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ever wanted to ask Mob and Reigen from the psychedelic anime Mob Psycho 100 for advice about your spooky problems? Now you can, at

The Spirits and Such website is named after Reigen and Mob’s supernatural consultation office from the show. If you haven’t seen it, the gist is that Mob is a shy but powerful psychic, and Reigen is a con man who pretends to have psychic powers in order to make a quick buck. Together, they don’t exactly fight crime, but they do fight a lot of weird spirits.

I sent some questions to Crunchyroll’s staff, and they made it clear that as far as they’re concerned, this website is your line to Reigen.


Andrea Ramirez does title marketing at Crunchyroll, and also described herself as an “intern at Spirits and Such” (as in, the fictional consultation office). “Have you ever seen Reigen talk?? He’s an incredible guy, he’s really working hard for everyone, so we figured we should too! Spirits and Such was created so people could have easy access to the GREATEST PSYCHIC OF THE 21ST CENTURY—you never know when you’ll need spiritual guidance,” she told Kotaku over email.

Ramirez didn’t break character in any of her responses to Kotaku, by the way: “One time I got my hair stuck on a stairwell and Reigen told me it was because of an evil spirit! He was able to get rid of it via a complex exorcism ceremony and ever since then my hair has never been caught on a stairwell again! Because of this divine intervention, we knew it was our destiny to spread the word of Spirits and Such and connect people in need to Reigen.”


Ramirez had a lot of compliments for her (fictional) boss. When I asked her what both of these title characters would ask on the Spirits and Such website, her response was just as emphatic.

“Reigen has no need to ask questions, he can see anything and everything! The kind of power he possesses is unimaginable,” she said. “Mob’s a quiet person, but I think he would ask how much we’re getting paid to do this.”


The site, which has the charming layout of an old Geocities website, down to the custom cursor, has launched today. Ramirez had some words of wisdom for anyone thinking about consulting the spirits:

“Do you ever hear a bump in the night with no explanation? Do you ever notice you can only find half of every pair of socks? Does the person you like just not seem to notice you?” she said. “Reigen can help with anything and everything!”