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MMA Star Power Boosts Up for E3

Illustration for article titled MMA Star Power Boosts Up for E3

Fedor Emelianenko, considered by some as the pound-for-pound top heavyweight mixed martial arts fighter in the world, will hit Los Angeles for E3 two weeks before going north to San Jose for his bout with Fabricio Werdum.


Sherdog, not normally a tracker of video game news, mentions that the big Russian will on hand for Strikeforce Los Angeles, an event taking place at the Nokia Theater on June 16. Strikeforce is the primary licensing partner of EA Sports MMA due out in the fall, so the date and the venue both mean heavy E3 cross promotion.

Bottom line: Emelianenko is all but confirmed to appear for EA Sports in some capacity at E3.

M-1 Global: Fedor To Attend June 16 Strikeforce, Open to Overeem Bout [Sherdog, thanks Andrew P.]

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You're mixing terminology.

He is the top heavyweight (or considered the top heavyweight)


He is the top pound-for-pound (or considered top pound-for-pound).

Pound-for-pound refers to a fighter, regardless of weight class.

Also in the running for best lbs-4-lbs fighter is Anderson Silva—certainly Spider has had many more "top" opponents than Fedor.

Also in the mix, GSP—also having faced much higher "top" calibur competition.

The only thing holding Fedor back is his and the UFC's unwillingness to come to some sort of agreement.

Check out Sherdogs current pound for pound rankings: []