MLG Win Ruined By Faulty Xbox 360

Major League Gaming team Triggers Down came close to advancing towards another tournament win this weekend in Orlando, only to have an equipment failure rob them of the Halo 3 CTF win.


As you can see in the video replay, Triggers Down were mere inches away from a win over rival team Classic. All four members of Classic were down, Heinz had the enemy flag, and just a few short steps from the cap the flag dropped, and couldn't be picked up again. It turns out the host's Xbox 360 froze up, dropping connection for everyone else at a very inconvenient time.

Under Major League Gaming's tournament rules, any equipment malfunction during a game is grounds for a replay of the round, with few exceptions that didn't apply to the situation. The replay resulted in Classic trouncing TD 5-2.

What a horrible moment that must have been, and with victory that close, one would have thought an exception could be made., Unfortunately, rules are rules, and Triggers Down couldn't keep it together for the do-over.

Upsets Abound in Orlando - Classic and BTH to Meet in WB Finals [MLG - Thanks The-Real-Napsta!]


Bearded Bastard

youd think they would just load up the game replay, and see if anyone even had the slightest possibility of killing him, who was close enough and if they had a chance, and made an educated decision, if noone could kill him, his team wins,