MLB 2K10 Demo Released to Xbox Live

With both baseball titles running up against a March 2 weekend date, MLB 2K10 today was the first to pull the demo trigger, but only for the Xbox 360.

The 711-megabyte download is available on Xbox Live but it won't be coming to the PlayStation Network until March 4, two days after both MLB 2K10 and MLB 10 The Show release. That essentially - and unsurprisingly - concedes the PS3 to The Show, where it has been the superior product for some time.


MLB 2K10 is exclusive to the Xbox 360 however, which sort of moots the need to give that audience more information. As such we've seen a bunch of teaser trailers and only an inning's worth of gameplay footage. 2K's philosophy may have been that, after getting beaten to death for the subpar MLB 2K9, anything for MLB 2K10 would be heavily (and deservedly) scrutinized, so better to under- than overshare.

Anyway, in the demo, you may play as either the New York Yankees or the Philadelphia Phillies in Yankee Stadium. For space reasons, there is no audio commentary and no option changes, such as camera or difficulty. Your starting pitchers are randomized and you can't change the lineups. But it's a useful introduction to the redone right-analog pitching and swing mechanics.

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