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With fewer than five days until release, the absence of a demo for MLB 10 The Show raises uncomfortable speculation. An Sony San Diego Studio representative says that the demo is complete, but Sony hasn't approved it.


In an Operation Sports forum thread asking where a demo was, "Chris," identified as a lead animator for MLB 10 The Show, said more or less to ask Sony.

"We said there will be a demo....and there will be a demo. The simple fact is....The demo HAS been completed....the demo HAS been submitted for approval and posting. We, as devs of the game, have absolutely ZERO control as to when it gets approved or posted."


Pasta Padre, citing unidentified sources, says there will be no pre-release demo of The Show and speculates that an in-store demo program with Best Buy might have something to do with it.

But by now, this is kind of a moot point. First, MLB 2K10 is not releasing its demo on the PS3 until March 4, two days after both games release. So there is no competitive disadvantage on that console. And the MLB The Show franchise has been such a strong performer that PS3 owners with any interest in baseball are likely to buy it.

A demo's purpose would be to convince last year's players, especially Road to the Show simmers, that this year's version has more features. Or it would be meant to convince fence sitters to make the buy. Either are likely a minority of the game's installation base.

Still, for those of us who enjoy the game, it'd be nice to get a free sample ahead of time, like you get at the ice cream store. We're probably going to buy it, but it's a nice freebie.


MLB '10: The Show Demo Has Been Submitted, Waiting on Sony, Not SCEA [Operation Sports]

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