MK vs DC: Heeeeere's Scorpion

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Game With a Brain put up this render of Scorpion yesterday, didn't say where they got it from but it might be an in-game pose. Pretty nice uniform update, with the bone mask and all; but his tunic looks sorta like one of those beaded massagers cab drivers sit on. I kid, Mr. Scorpion, I kid.

So someone already did Dress Like Niko, can anyone tell me how much this business-caz ensemble goes for? I think I could pull off that look.


And remember children, bone masks are OK. Skull bongs are not.

Image of the Day: Scorpion Gets a Spiffy New Look [Game With a Brain]

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I still remember trekking daily to my local arcade to play MK2. Then Saturday morning was the 40 tokens for $5 special. So you bet I was there bright and early and stayed all day. Those were good times. And really, MK2 was the best entry in the series. But things got fishy with MK3. Sure, it was popular as hell, and I played it to death, but something was wrong. It got light-hearted. Cliche. Cheesy.

Now, this franchise has been derailed for years. If you ask me, it officially went off the tracks when it went 3D. The actors and digitized graphics were part of the MK signature and when that was removed, it just no longer felt like MK.

I'd love to see Boon & Co. go back to that style, only with newer technology. More animation, higher-res captures, better costumes, the works.

But, it seems that MK is doomed to mediocrity for the rest of its existence. This makes my inner fanboy sad.