MK vs DC Finishing Moves Trailer

Here are three more Fatality moves from Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe for your viewing pleasure - none of which are as good as the now-excised Joker finishing move but all of which involve Kombat and Mortality, so job done. Of the three, Catwoman's is the most straightforward (although somewhat out of character - she is one of the less murderiffic DC villains) and Sonya Blade's is one of those that would require the victim to stand still while she gets in the right position. Sub-Zero's is cool. Ho ho. Please feel free to write in explaining that Catwoman's recent demeanour is due to Zatanna editing her memory and blah blah Worst. Trailer. Blurb. Ever. etc.


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I still don't get why they are even making this game in the first place. Oh man.

Leik omgz, i've NEVER seen a neck snapped in a game/show before! gaspss... It's so dull... Sub-Zero's was okay, but he isn't ripping out any frozen hearts like he used to.