Miyamoto Caught on Film Checking Out Killzone 2

As with previous E3s, Nintendo tastemaker Shigeru Miyamoto swung by a few booths to check out the action. In this vid we get a glimpse of Miyamoto getting a glimpse of hardcore shooter Killzone 2. What I don't get is why he keeps looking at these big-name shooters. He's been pretty clear in the past about how he feels about them.

[Thanks Runandgun]


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Man just cause Miyamoto didn't like Haze (now that we've tried it I'd say this only solidifies the man's intelligence) doesn't mean he has NO interest in FPS. The guy seems to take inspiration from everywhere, and remember he was the one who pushed Retro to take Metroid Prime from 3rd person to 1st, that seemed to work out nicely. I'm just glad to see he still is looking at and gauging what some people would call "hardcore" games. I'm looking forward to the new Wii sports a lot actually, but I hope to see him doing more traditional "games" as well.