Misti Dawn Talks Geek Girls

Adult star Misti Dawn is touted as the 'Nerdiest Girl in Porn' and has been a gamer nearly her entire life. Sporting tattoos of some of her favorite games and indulging in role-playing games regularly, Misti feels that gaming is not just a hobby but a virtual trip through worlds, lives, and time. Everything one could possibly need.

We were lucky to be given the opportunity to speak with Misti Dawn right after Geek Girls: The Gamers was released and we wanted to get a bit more insight into how much of a hardcore...gamer she is! Take a look at the interview below and realize this girl can game.


EncodeD: So how excited were you to get attached to the Geek Girls: The Gamers project?


Misti Dawn: "Oh SOOOO excited. You have no idea. Typically when I work for someone else's company, I get type casted as the punk rock chick or bad girl which is really the complete opposite of me. So I happen to have tattoos but they are of Xbox references and Zelda, how many tough girls have that tattooed? Ha. It was nice to be able to be myself."

"Do I have to prove I like ice cream too? I could care less if people dont think I'm a real gamer."

Ok, if you only had one video game to take with you on a video game island what would you take?


"Oblivion. I could and have replayed it 100 times."

How many get the A B X Y you have tattoed on your wrists?

"Most people dont notice it. If someone knows what it means when I show them, I know they are too cool for school then."


Who is the sexiest video game character male and female?

"Lara Croft. She kicks ass and needs no romantic love interest to keep her going."


What is your favorite old school video game?

"Sweet Home, NES."

For the haters that don't believe you play games what do you say to them?

"Do I have to prove I like ice cream too? I could care less if people dont think I'm a real gamer. It's a silly thing to argue."


What is your favorite movie based on a video game?

"I would say Silent Hill. It was different than the game but compared to most other game/movie combos, it got the message, image, and feel across the best."

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Since you like role-playing games, [what is your] favorite single player RPG?

"OBLIVION!!! Any Elder Scrolls really."

Have you ever played Dungeons & Dragons?

"I have fuzzy D20s on my review mirror."

If you were able to do the voice in a video game which one would it be and why?

"I would be grateful to be any voice in any game really."

Without giving away anything, if you were going to design your own video game, what type of game would it be?


"Of course an RPG, probably fantasy-based world. Sexy mages... Haha."

Thanks again to Misti for doing the interview with us, make sure to follow Misti Dawn on Twitter at Twitter.com/MeowMistiDawn


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Republished with permission.

(Top photo: Misti Dawn)

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