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Ladies Talk Video Games. Then Screw on Camera.

In Geek Girls, adult video game actresses talk about their favorite games. After that, they do other things.


"I'm into it because I don't know how not to be," said Misti Dawn, one of the film's stars, in an official statement (via Banana Syrup Company). "Gaming was engraved in me at a young age. I have some friends that work in the gaming industry and I immediately think they are hot based on that. Generally, just nerdiness turns me on."

These days, there are loads of pandering nerd porn, but Geek Girls features a handful of porn stars that appear to know their way around a controller as well as other things. Which, really, in this day and age shouldn't be a big deal! Yes, girls play video games—holy shit.


But how often do you tune into a dirty movie and see a lady talk about her Zelda tattoo or ramble on about Soulcalibur?

And I totally agree that DualShock controllers need stronger vibrations—though, for different reasons entirely.

Sister site Fleshbot has uncensored images from Geek Girls. The above trailer might be safe for work. It might not be.

Nerd Porn Gets Back to Basics (SFW) [Topless Robot]

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