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Missing Handheld Gaming's Golden Age

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

To: Bashcraft

From: Totilo

Re: For Your Consideration

I'm sure that if my computer didn't refuse to play audio from YouTube clips I'd have loved your friends show. Sorry.

Now I know the PSP is all the rage again in Japan. And the DS trucks along too. But I find myself with less and less to play on my handhelds. I went to L.A. last week and didn't pack any portable gaming machine. That hadn't happened in years.


It seems like just last year, and certainly the year before that, when the DS-PSP were locking horns and providing us quite a lot of good games. Now the releases seem to have slowed quite a bit. Maybe it's the summer? Or maybe the big companies are focusing on the consoles more again. I don't even have a backlog anymore, even though I do on consoles. Just Space Invaders Extreme and then... nothing I'm excited about.

Are you playing your DS and PSP less? Did a golden age of handheld games just pass us by?

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P.S. Did you hear that? That's Jimmy Olsen mutating once again, below the jump. Hey, the people demanded it.


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