Mirror's Edge Trailer Analyzed

Yes! We have all seen this before. But here it is again — with details like "birds" pointed out. Thank goodness, because we really missed those damn birds the first time around.

Faith Is A Vampire [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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I don't mind the coloring of paths - moving that fast in a game - I'd want a bit of guidance as to what I can hang on/jump on/launch off of - than make a guess at it - because I'm SURE they'll be things you'd want to use - but due to level build and limitations - it won't play out at all or not how you'd like it to.

The ability to hop, jump over - slide - etc. — all seem very context sensitive - "press x to slide" - "press x to jump" - "press x to wall run" - so hand holding should be okay - its intended to be a very fast pace game it seems.

It appears you'll be able to change your clothes as well - she has on blue jeans at the beginning - and also has gloves on —

and on the last shot of her completely - she has on khaki-like pants and no gloves.

I'm still interested! ha.