Mirror's Edge On PS3 Gets Exclusive DLC

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Mirror's Edge is coming out on PlayStation 3. Then again, it's coming out on Xbox 360, too. And the PC. How are we gonna tell the versions apart? Or if you've got all three platforms, which one will you get? This might help. Sony have confirmed that they've signed a deal with EA, which will see the PS3 receive exclusive DLC. No idea what it is, exactly, or how exclusive it really is; there's no stopping EA having "exclusive" DLC planned for the 360 and PC as well. OK, just kidding. For the 360. PS3 to get exclusive Mirror's Edge DLC News [Eurogamer]


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I'm not falling for these exclusive DLC's, unless of course they're free. I'll just play the full game and move on with both Mirror's Edge and Fallout 3. The only ones I would consider paying for are nice multi-player maps, but traditionally those have been free on PC versions along with custom maps and mods. These content wars are a bit ridiculous, since they lend nothing to the main plot of the game. I'd prefer the consoles makers just one up each other through new exclusive games, rather than DLCs.