We all have heroes. Some of us look up to movie stars, athletes, or even family members. South Korea's Yuh Reum Hong adores Miranda Kerr. A lot.

Hong styles herself after Kerr, wearing blue contact lenses and mimicking the former Victoria Secret model's hairstyle and make-up. As tipster Sang points out, Hong also said she had her eyes and nose done when she appeared on a recent episode of Korean TV show Alien Virus.

Alien Virus often features unusual guests so don't assume this sort of behavior is the norm in South Korea. It's not!


On the show, a segment showed how other Koreans (apparently!) thought Hong was a foreigner and would try to speak English to her.

Granted, segments like this can be faked, but there was also an old lady who simply resorted to pointing, thinking that Hong, who is 100 percent Korean and who has never left her country, could not understand Korean.


Hong expressed her disappointment that Kerr isn't more popular in South Korea and said she was imitating Kerr to help promote her on the Korean Peninsula. Compared to other Alien Virus guests, she did seem somewhat normal—as normal as anyone who covers their room in Miranda Kerr photos and tries to dress exactly like her.


미란다커 닮은꼴 화성인, 성형 전엔 ‘소희+한가인’? [Herald Thanks, Sang!]

Photos: Alien Virus

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