Minimalist Post-Apocalyptic America Sure Looks Pretty

Don't let the nice, sharp colors and shiny polygons distract you, though. It's hard to survive in post-apocalyptic America.


Indie group Ice Water Games is currently working on a little project called Eidolon, which takes you on a journey across a post-human Western Washington filled with rolling, green hills, massive forests, and burnt-out husks of cities. Truly idyllic. Take a look:

Eidolon will primarily be about narrative-based exploration (ie. finding out what happened to people and what caused the apocalypse), but it also features a robust survival system which tracks stats like hunger, exhaustion, temperature and health. There's a little bit of crafting involved, too: the campfire, fishing rod, and bow in the above trailer are all player-created.


The game is set to arrive on PC next year, possibly on Steam, should the Greenlight crowds be generous.

Eidolon [Official Site, via Steam Greenlight]

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Nobody knows what minimalism means anymore... This. Is not it.