Mini Motor Racing Bringing Cloud Saves to iDevices

Another racing game, another iOS feature implementation. This time, it's Mini Motor Racing, the upcoming Micro Machines-meets-motocross title from Binary Mill, that's going to go live with the iCloud feature rolling out for the bleeding edge of Apple's portables. (You might remember Binary Mill as the devs who teamed up with Penny Arcade for the impressive Decide-O-Tron app that Crecente tried out a few days ago.)

Like Real Racing 2 HD—which I wrote about yesterday—Mini Motor Racing lets you use Airplay (with iPhone 4S and iPad 2 only) streaming for multiplayer on an HDTV. But what's different is that you'll be able to start a game on an iPod touch and pick it up on, say, an iPad. Aside from actual race progress, your stats and achievements will save to the cloud as well. Cloud saves will work on all iOS devices and will be anchored to either a Game Center or Open Feint profile tag.

I can see this feature working great for individuals or families who have more than one iOS device, and don't want to start a whole race over again because the progress data saves locally. It'd be even better if there were some interoperability with the Mac App store so you can resume games on a desktop or laptop, too. Even still, Mini Motor Racing's use of iOS 5's iCloud still puts it ahead of the curve. It'll be interesting to see how other genres of game put iCloud to use as the firmware starts rolling out.

Mini Motor Racing [The Binary Mill]

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I love the top down view. I just hope we have a few options on the controls. I like the left/right arrow type stuff instead of joystick or tilt steering. Something like Reckless Racing.