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Minecraft's Enderman and Creeper are Exponentially More Terrifying in Real Life

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Folks that don't play Minecraft often laugh at fans of Mojang's blocky building game, wondering how they can be terrified of primitive constructs like the Creeper or the Enderman. This live-action short film series by Benjamin Combes captures that terror in a way non-players can understand.

There are the screenshots you see while browsing the internets, and then there's the Minecraft that goes on inside the heads of its players. Those simple graphics leave plenty to players' imaginations, and in many cases what those minds fill in looks an awful lot like what Combes captures in Minecraft Day Two.

Oh, you've never seen Minecraft Day One, the first video in the series in which a man wakes up in a strange world and must use the tools he can either scrounge or build to survive? Pity, it was really good.

Oh fine, here. In fact, you might want to watch this one first just to get an idea of what the hell is going on.


I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon reading about bright and happy things so that Enderman doesn't show up in my nightmares later.

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