Minecraft's Biome Reveal Video Also Prettiest Minecraft Video

Notch, developer of the world carving, item alchemy game Minecraft, is bringing players of the PC hit a treat for Halloween: biomes. What are biomes? This video shows you ten of them.


These collections of Minecraft flora and fauna range from arctic to desert zones, with each biome capable of spawning its own monsters and housing its own trees, grass and even sky color. Unique vegetation, special mobs, these are the things that will make Minecraft's biomes an important new feature for players to explore.

Minecraft's next big update is planned for release on Halloween. Since the game is still in its alpha stages, we expect biomes—and other additions—to continue to evolve.


Manly McBeeferton

Red/orange sky effects for sunset/rise ftw!

Also, is it just me or is the grass darker? Could be Notch's recorder, I guess. Everything else looks a little darker as well.