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Minecraft Players Are Using Honey Blocks To Run On Walls

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Tubbylumcin (Reddit)

Honey is sticky. You probably already knew that. But did you know that if you smear a bunch of honey on a wall you can run on that wall because the honey is sticky enough to hold your weight? Well, at least that’s how it works in Minecraft. In the latest update for the game, Mojang has added sticky honey blocks and players are using these new blocks to pull off some sweet parkour moves.

Added on October 8, in Snapshot update 19W41A, honey blocks are exatcly what they sound like, large blocks of stick honey. Players can place these blocks anywhere, just like any other block in Minecraft. Some creative players quickly discovered that these new blocks could be used to create walls that players could run across, like Titanfall.


It’s only been a few days since they were added to the game and yet the Minecraft subreddit is filled with players showcasing their sweet (literally) wall running moves. With a bit of practice, you can even run around a corner.

Gif: PrintGamez (Reddit)

You can run across large gaps, sure. But players also figured out you can use these honey blocks to climb out of areas too. Which makes these new blocks not only fun but useful!

Gif: Yeahguin (Reddit)

Using wall tiles, players have also created ways to hide the honey blocks. This could allow players to create parkour or puzzle maps that rely on wall-running, but without having walls made up of obvious looking honey blocks everywhere.

Back in January, a Minecraft update accidentally added a bug that allowed players to wall run. It was a fairly popular glitch and some players even wanted it left in the game. It was removed, but maybe the wall running ability of the new honey block was inspired by that incident?