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Latest Minecraft Update Accidentally Adds Wall Running

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The latest snapshot update for the Java version of Minecraft added some new things, like a stone cutter and new ways to modify stone blocks. But the new update also added the ability for players to wall run.

This new ability isn’t mentioned anywhere in the blog post announcing what the latest snapshot is adding and changing. This had led most fans to assume that the wall running is the result of a bug. Though some fans want the feature to stay. “This would be a cool feature though,” said Reddit user JamesBeYeezy. 


Reddit user NatalieZem gave a reasonable explanation for what is happening here:

Just for context, this isn’t a trick or a prank or anything. In the recent snapshot, you can’t jump while pressing against a block. And apparently not being able to raise your elevation also means you can’t lower it either. Try it for yourself: All you need to do is stay sprinting into the wall and you can move along it.


So most likely players won’t be running around the walls of Minecraft worlds for long. But don’t worry, even if wall running is officially removed from Minecraft, you can always download mods that add even more advanced wall running and climbing abilities into the game.