He also makes bats drop TNT, and does a couple more spectacular things. All without mods.

The one responsible is YouTuber IJAMinecraft. He basically added several "new items" to Minecraft, actually altered vanilla items, by writing a 26000-character command block script in about 20 hours. They are:

  • The Firework Bow
  • The Unstoppable Boots
  • Mighty Squid Bombs
  • Anvil Bombs
  • Anvil-Removing Pigs
  • Insta-kill Firecrackers
  • Bomber Bats

There's a video showcasing them below. If you want to mess around with them yourself, all you need to do is load up a map in Minecraft 1.8.1 (you can change your game version by editing your profile in the launcher), enable cheats, give yourself a command block, place it and paste in IJAMinecraft's script, found here, and finally activate it with some Redstone.

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