Minecraft on Xbox 360 Will Edge Closer to Its PC Counterpart With “Difficult” 1.8 Update

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When Minecraft hit Microsoft's game console a few weeks ago, it was readily apparent that the 360 version of Mojang's popular hit wasn't going to have quite everything that the original PC game does. But, in true Minecraft fashion, future updates promise to make the game's sandbox more complex and more creative.


According to an article on OXM UK, the Adventure update (a.k.a. version 1.8) will be bringing a host of new features to the Xbox 360 iteration of Minecraft:

It adds Creative Mode, which gives players invulnerability, infinite blocks and the power of flight, plus a host of mechanics that are designed to make Survival Mode feel more like a classic dungeon-crawler.

4J Studios handles the console version of Minecraft and the dev team's Paddy Burns said that people shouldn't expect an exact clone of the PC edition:

"We are working with Daniel Kaplan at Mojang to define what is going in to the Xbox version, but the aim is to include as many of the PC features that make sense on the Xbox as possible. The game isn't Minecraft on the Xbox, it is Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, so it isn't really a direct port of the PC game."

All 4J needs to do is let Minecraft 360 players craft the worlds of their wildest dreams. Just like the PC version does. No pressure, guys.

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I assume that Minecraft on Xbox 360 does not use Java. Therefore, shouldn't a non-Java, PC version of Minecraft be possible?

Java is the one thing I actively keep off computers more than anything else. It's the reason I haven't played Minecraft in months.