Minecraft Links Help Indie Game Sell 200,000 Copies In Nine Days

Terraria is a 2D game that has often (and somewhat unfairly) been called "Minecraft in 2D". Not that the four developers care, since they've just sold 200,000 copies in a little over a week.


Spurred on by word-of-mouth, much of it stemming from the game's supposed similarity to Minecraft, the $10 game was first released on May 16. At time of posting, it was the top-selling game on Steam, ahead of games like The Witcher 2 and Portal 2.

What's undoubtedly lured people towards the game is the fact it appears to operate much like Minecraft with a pinch of Castlevania thrown in, in that you explore a world and craft things while fighting monsters.

I'd say it's a bit closer to being a 2D Dwarf Fortress myself. Well, a different kind of 2D than it is normally, anyway.

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2D Word-Of-Mouth Hit Terraria Sells 200K In Nine Days [Gamasutra]


Terraria really didn't deserve the publicity. It's not so much because it's a blatant Minecraft rip. I'm all for stealing game ideas and trying to improve upon them. It's how this, and every entertainment industry works.

No, it's the stolen sprites, animations and even sounds that bother me. And it's not JUST that this guy is using material that's not his, no... it's that he's also charging a full fucking Hamilton for it. For someone else's work. And what's worse? People are eating this shit up and not even batting an eye. The so-called developer went on record over a month before release as saying that the recolored Final Fantasy sprites were placeholders and would be replaced with original sprites. Well, the game's out now and that hasn't happened. They spent four months picking other games apart, in many cases literally, before they threw this crap up on Steam and called it a day.

And. People. Are. Buying. It. It boggles the mind.

I'll just stick with Minecraft, thanks.