For most, Minecraft is just a game about building a castle out of colorful blocks then losing it all to a Creeper invasion. But for one man, Minecraft was something else: an inspiration.

A Redditor by the name of knightkrawler1167 recently revealed his pet project to the r/minecraft subreddit: a set of magnet-equipped plastic blocks which, just like Minecraft's own blocks, can be used to build all sorts of crazy structures. With the round-shaped neodymium magnets housed inside each block, combined with the cubes' relatively light weight, it's possible to build things with them which, using normal building blocks, would just collapse into themselves.

Knightkrawler has been working on the project for four years. He has already patented his invention, and also submitted it for approval to Kickstarter—he expects the campaign to fully fund the manufacturing process and let him get his toy to as many people as possible.


Man, if these are just the prototypes, think how nice the actual product will be. Here's a few photos of them in action:

The Evolution of a Block [Reddit]

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