There was a virtual sheep roaming around in our Times Square office today thanks to Minecraft Earth, the new augmented reality mobile game that lets players make, wreck and otherwise interact with life-size Minecraft builds.

The game has been in beta in various regions, but went into wider early access release today. To get in, go to this link and select iOS or Android.


We haven’t had much time to tinker, but the gist appears to be that you can a) walk around your neighborhood tapping on Minecraft items to collect resources and then b) use those resources to build things.

There are also “adventures,” which appear to be quests tied to Minecraft builds that you can generate around you. We activated one that put us next to a tower that, as we chipped away, had spiders in its basement. It wasn’t immediately clear what a successful completion of that adventure was intended to be, as killing the spiders didn’t complete it.

We’ll keep trying and figuring stuff out. And now everyone else can, too.

Your author interacting with one of the pre-made builds that players can plop into the real world and then collaboratively build or destroy.

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