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MindJack Projects Itself Into January

Illustration for article titled MindJack Projects Itself Into January

While we're still not 100 percent sure how Square Enix's upcoming telepathic third-person shooter MindJack works, we do know when it's coming out, as the publisher gives the game a January release date.


Remember those scenes in The Matrix when the agents would leap from civilian body to civilian body? MindJack is sort of like that, only with more monkeys. The game takes place in 2031, when the world's governments are collapsing and corrupt organizations are rising to power, so it's a little bit dawn of cyberpunk as well.

The player is a member of a group of rogue agents who possess the ability to leap in and out of civilians, robots, and vehicles at will. It's got a single-player story mode, but other players can jump in and out of your game if you so chose.


Developed by Feelplus, the recently delayed title is now squarely aimed at a January 18 release date in North America for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, giving us two more months to figure out what's going on.

Illustration for article titled MindJack Projects Itself Into January

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