Milwaukee's Prince Fields The BIGS 2 Cover

The Milwaukee Brewer's All-Star first baseman Prince Fielder has been tapped to represent the nation of baseball as the cover athlete for 2K Sports' The BIGS 2.

Having broken Willie Mays' record for the youngest player to hit 50 home runs in a single season, I can't think of anyone more appropriate to represent 2K Games' arcade-style baseball sequel than Prince Fielder. And by that, I mean I can't actually think of anyone else. As far as Major League Baseball is concerned, I'm still a couple of seasons behind. They need to release those DVD box sets faster. Fielder certainly seems happy though.

"I've been playing baseball video games for as long as I can remember. All of my idols have appeared on a video game cover, and now to have that same opportunity is truly an unbelievable feeling," said Fielder. "I can't wait to see myself in The BIGS 2. I'll be the guy crushing mammoth home runs into the stands."


Until 2K Sports announces Sitting On Your Ass Yelling At Cats 2K10, I will remain sadly unaware of just how much of a thrill it is to appear on a video game cover. Here's a video.

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(DEAD) Goldwings - Remembered for his bravery and heroism... xD

After playing MLB 09: The Show and seeing the WBC I've developed a craving for baseball games. I say keep em coming.

Now actually playing baseball outside, I can't seem to get enough people to play to play a game. No one has baseball gloves anymore (mine don't even fit me).