Million-Dollar Winners Winners

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Asshole Dog. Bad Dudes. Cake jokes. Memes are, by definition, overdone, but the last one went past its expiration date in last week's 'Shop Contest, according to everyone. So let's put it to bed with this week's look at the MLB 2K11 Million-Dollar Perfect Game.


dmcshinobi's (6) cry-moar salute to everyone who bitched about the cake jokes gets things started. a.seivewright (1) has a bombshell free agent acquisition, but post-dates the check to the Apocalypse. Hundredgunner (9) made a valiant effort at a role-reversal.

Legal troubles inspired a316sob (2) and a biting joke about David Arquette and Courtney Cox's marriage (Laodicea-dude, 12). MaximumsDM (14) nailed The Big Lebowski angle. liniert99's (13) was a reader favorite; so was Josh Lamm's (10).

Cave Johnson shows up in onagotasolo's shop (15) with a lemon joke. I'm sure all the cake-bitchers will enjoy that one too. Shadowsquid86 (17) misspelled the amount but that check would still be legal tender. It was also the only take on a joke I thought more than one person would do.

Our overall winner is Zegridathes (20), whose Major League Bat'leth 2K11, sadly, doesn't get the full size treatment. Surprise, that's why I had to think up some other shit for the title image. Thanks comment image system! Truly a longstanding friend to all of us here at the 'Shop Contest. I'm gonna have some new guidelines to cope with this for tomorrow's contest. We'll see you in here then.


Paradox me

Congrats to the winners.

And, Owen, if you've yet to come up with tomorrow's Shop topic, might I suggest:


Don't know how much potential there is, but a few folks seemed to like the idea.