Known for her starring role as Alice in her husband's Resident Evil films, actress Milla Jovovich is sporting a new look these days, torn from the graphics of one of her favorite games. Which game inspired that asymmetrical undercut?

Proving that she's not a one-game girl, Milla admitted her "strange addiction" to The Sims to inStyle during a recent event in Los Angeles.

"All my Sims wind up with this haircut, and it's always a house full of really hot chicks. I thought, ‘Obviously I want this haircut because I keep picking it out.'"

I too have created houses full of "really hot chicks" in The Sims 3. Sadly, however, my hair is no longer what it once was, so unless I invest in a fancy wig it's up to Milla to carry that torch into the real world.


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