Milla Jovovich Clone Army Confirmed For Future RE Movie

*SPOILER ALERT* (Well, that is, if you don't think the Resident Evil movies spoiled RE.) Anyway! Remember the end of the third movie, Resident Evil: Extinction? Sure ya, there was an army of Alice clones. Sister siste io9 cornered the movie's director Paul W.S. Anderson about the possibility of putting that army of cloned Alices in a future Resident Evil sequel if one ends up actually happening. Here's the exchange:

io9: Are We Going To See An Army Of Alices? Anderson: We're in very early discussions about all of it, so it's not a definite thing by any means. Mila would like to return, and I would certainly like to see the franchise continue. Last year there were, I think, eight 'threequels' got released. Rush Hour 3, Pirates 3, Spider-Man 3...but there was eight of them. Shrek 3. Six out of the eight, the third movie did worse business than the second movie. There were only two where the third movie did better than the second movie. That was Bourne Ultimatum and Resident Evil. So, you know, it is quite an achievement for a franchise to keep growing like that, and we all feel that the audience is excited to see another one clearly. We would like, if we could put it together, we would do it. io9: Right, but hypothetically how would you go about using all of those Alices? Anderson: I'm not going to tell you that. [laughs]... but we would. io9: You would? Anderson: We would, yes. Absolutely.


Resident Evil Director Confirms Army Of Alices In Resident Evil 4 [io9] [Pic]

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