"Milk" Squirting Comes To The Nintendo DS

Boob, butt and even little "boy" DS touching games? Been there, done that. It's time for new ground to be broken. This time with white liquid (RELAX FOLKS, IT'S ONLY MILK) squirting mini-games. August 28th sees the release of To LOVEru, which follows he adventures of a high school boy and an alien girl named Lala who one days appears out in his home of nowhere buck naked. In a total fan service mini-game, players must squirt condensed milk on a strawberry Lala is holding. Milk dribbling screen after the jump.


Let's review: The object is to squirt it on the strawberry. We repeat, on the strawberry. Don't shoot the milk elsewhere! That's not the point of the game. We repeat, that's not the point of the game. To LOVEru is rated 15 and up.
ポリゴンキャラは13人も!Vジャンプによる、DS版のゲーム「To LOVEる 」情報! [To LOVEる -とらぶる- 考察]

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Ah, yes. Makes me want to bring out the teenage-boy-living-with-a-harem-of-teenage-girls anime drinking game again.

The rules are simple: Whenever the boy ends up in an accidentally sexual situation with any girl whatsoever, take a drink.

I swear, you'll be hammered in no time.