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Military Game Developer Disputes Green Beret Accusations

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Accusations by a group of former Green Berets that Pipeworks Studio head Robert Daly never served in the Special Forces aren't true, the head of Foundation 9 tells Kotaku.


Earlier this week a website dedicated to outing fake soldiers accused Daly, who's studio made the Xbox Live Arcade title Deadliest Warrior: Legends and has appeared on the Deadliest Warrior television show as a former Green Beret, of lying about his credentials.


But David Mann, president of Foundation 9 Entertainment, which owns Pipeworks Studio, contends that the website, which includes more than 1,000 former and active Green Berets according to its founder, is wrong.

The point of contention is how one defines a Green Beret. Foundation 9, which Pipeworks is a part of, points to Daly's transfer order to the 3rd Battalion, 12th Special Forces Group U.S. Army Reserve, effective July 26, 1991 as evidence of his service in the U.S. Special Forces.

"Mr. Daly wore the Green Beret as a member of this unit and served as an intelligence support sergeant until 1994," said Mann. "Mr. Daly enlisted in the army in 1986."

Mann also included a copy of Daly's transfer order to that Special Forces Group as proof of his service with them. His military occupation specialty is listed as a intelligence analyst, according to the paperwork provided to Kotaku.


"Foundation 9 is very proud of Robert, the leadership he provides his studio, and his service to this country," Mann wrote.

But Jeff Hinton, owner of, retired Army Master Sergeant and former Green Beret, says that to be a Green Beret you need to have both passed the Qualification Course at the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, and also have served on an Operational Detachment Alpha. Hinton says that when a Green Beret is hired for their expert knowledge, it's knowledge of this real on-the-ground experience.


Hiton's organization is responsible for outing a number of Green Beret impersonators over the years. Some of those cased led to jail time.

"He is misleading you," Hinton said.

Mann acknowledges that Daly never passed the Special Forces Qualification Course, but said that shouldn't matter.


"This whole discussion seems to be around what a Green Beret is and what Green Beret isn't," Mann wrote. "There are some who claim that a Green Beret is only a Special Forces soldier who graduates from Q course and who is Operation Deployment Alpha. There are others in the military who claim that a Green Beret is a soldier who is part of a Special Forces group and who is allowed to wear the Green Beret in their military service.

"That facts are that Robert served in Special Forces, wore the Green Beret, and focused on intelligence for Operation Deployment Alpha soldiers. The military designated Robert as a Green Beret and Robert has never claimed anything more or less that this fact. Robert never passed the Q course and never claimed to have passed the Q course. I'm confident that if you dig further with additional members of the military you will discover that this is a nuanced debate that has strong camps on either side of the argument. In fact, the military changed the designation in the mid-nineties, which was after Robert's term of service."


According to Army Regulation 600–8–22 a special forces tab is given to a person who meets a number of criteria including successfully completing SF qualification training at The U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School or the qualification course.


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Alright, here's a little context. I'm a Marine. I can tell you the military is a big pissing contest. Grunts vs POGs. SOC vs non-SOC. Combat action ribbons. Deployment medals. You name it. It will never end. One thing I can tell you is that this guy seems like a wannabe and a douche who got his beret on a technicality. It's like is some admin or cook got attached to the Green Berets so he technically qualifies. intel is more or less a rear echelon desk job. All he's doing is taking away from the actual ground-pounders who got shit done.