Tyson and Austin's confrontation was a pop culture phenomenon.

And to those of us who like watching pro wrestling (me!), it gave us the memorable hilarity of Tyson trying to talk tough like a pro wrestler while goofily doing the "DX crotch chop"...

... all of which led to Tyson switching sides and helping Stone Cold after the main event of Wrestlemania XIV

WWE has brought back Tyson a couple of time since then, letting an older, literally-less-edgy Tyson wrestle and enter their Hall of Fame (he's in the celebrity wing).


Tyson as a regular in-ring wrestler in WWE '13 is actually a bit weird, since the guy hasn't really done many wrestling moves and, well, boxing isn't legal in wrestling, to the extent there are rules.

But it's goofy, silly and a blast from the past for those of us who enjoyed WWE when it was in its late-90's Attitude Era prime.


WWE '13 will be released this fall on major platforms.