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Mii Sought in Hit and Run

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Calling all cars: Be on lookout for this Mii in connection with a hit and run. Driver last seen in Moo Moo Meadows wearing Mii Outfit B. Suspect is believed to have unlimited blue shells.

No, really, that is a wanted poster and that is a Mii on it, and that made me laugh so hard I sprained my epiglottis. The Kanagawa kops (Japan) are searching for the Mii, or a someone who looks like it, anyway. The blogs that have posted about this are inconclusive as to whether that is the actual Mii of the actual suspect (to say nothing of how they might have gotten it) or if the cops used the Mii creator to build their composite. Oh my God, I hope it is the latter. Would that really fly in Japanese court?


Jesus, that is still funny the 529th time. The WTF look is priceless.

And now, having teed this up, I hand it off to you, the commenterariat, to make it one thousand percent more hilarious than I ever could.


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