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Mighty Gunvolt Burst Is A Mega Man-like That Lets You Make Your Own Bullets

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Me (Tim Rogers) and Stephen Totilo played Inti Creates’s new Mega Man-like retro shooting platform action game Mighty Gunvolt Burst yesterday on a live-stream.

We delved into the game’s core system: bullet customization. Unlike in, say, an Actual Mega Man Game, in Mighty Gunvolt Burst you pick up various little trinkets and items which contribute to a database of modifications and enhancements you can attribute to your gun-ammo. The system is rich with thorough economics: each enhancement or modification costs a set number of points, and you can increase your total allowance of points by, of course, picking up more items. This is a game for riffing and replaying. Or, if we’re being cynical, we can say this is a Mega Man game whose designers built a lavish menu system for the players so we could finish the game for them.

We played the game on a Nintendo Switch. We played in TV mode, because that’s the only way to stream gameplay from a Nintendo Switch, though I can see myself preferring to play this game in portable mode. It’s just so full of what I like to call “trick or treat game design” that it’d be perfect for grinding and experimentation during a commute.


What exactly is “trick or treat game design?” Well, you could watch this handy video digest of our stream to find out.

At any rate, I like this game, and Stephen Totilo also likes this game. So there you have it: on a scale of “I don’t like this game” to “I like this game,” Mighty Gunvolt Burst gets two “I like this game”s. It’s $10 and it’s on the Nintendo Switch right now. I haven’t bought it yet, though late one night (maybe tonight), I accidentally will, and then I’ll have to live with it.


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