Midweek Moneysaver: In Omerta, No One Can Hear You Scream

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This Wednesday edition of Kotaku's The Moneysaver catches all the offers, promotions and bargains that can't wait until the weekend. The Midweek Moneysaver is brought to you by Dealzon.

Software—PC games

• Yesterday's release Dead Space 3 is $47.99 (list $60)
Far Cry 3 is $39.99 (next best $50)
• Mar. 31 release Metro: Last Light is $47.99 (next best $60)
• Apr. 2 release Defiance is $47.99 (list $60)
• Spring 2013 release Company of Heroes 2 is $47.99 (list $60)
Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition is $47.99 (next best $60)
Assassin's Creed 3 is $39.99 (next best $50)
NBA 2K13 is $23.99 (next best $30)
ArmA 2: Combined Operations is $11.99 (next best $30)
The Showdown Effect is $7.99 (list $10)
Dungeonland is $7.99 (next best $10)
Fallout Classic Collection is $5.43 (list $20)


Green Man Gaming
• Last Thursday's release Omerta: City of Gangsters is $30 (list $40)
• Yesterday's release Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim—Dragonborn (DLC) is $15.99 (list $20)
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is $39.99 (next best $60)
Battlefield 3 Premium Edition is $29.99 (next best $40)
Need for Speed Most Wanted is $24.99 (next best $30)
Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass (DLC) is $20.25 (next best $27)
Mass Effect 3: Digital Deluxe Edition is $14.99 (next best $30)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is $11.99 (next best $40)
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box is $9.99 (next best $20)
Ravaged is $3.39 (next best $10)

Free Games from GMG this Friday: Green Man Gaming has four PC download games FREE for 24 hours each. You'll need a Green Man Gaming account linked to a Playfire account to get these deals.
Zombies (Friday at 7AM Eastern, current price $3.99)
Ninja Blade (Saturday at 7AM Eastern, current price $8.99)
Unstoppable Gorg (Sunday at 7AM Eastern, current price $9.99)
Superstars V8 Next Challenge (Monday at 7AM Eastern, current price $15.96)

Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection is $16.99 (next best $30)
Dungeon Siege Bundle is $11.99 (list $90)
Alan Wake Collector's Edition is $8.74 (next best $35)
Alan Wake is $7.49 (next best $30)

Gothic Complete Pack & ArcaniA Gold Edition is $12.50 (list $50)
Gothic Complete Collection is $6.24 (list $25)
Gothic III Gold Edition is $3.74 (list $15)
Gothic III Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition is $2.49 (list $10)
Gothic 2 is $1.24 (list $5)
Gothic II: Night of the Raven is $1.24 (list $5)


GOG.com DRM-free games
The Witcher and the Witcher 2 $14.98 from GOG.com. You can buy separately for $4.99 and $9.99 respectively.

La Mulana is $5.99 (list $15)

• Pay what you want for McDroid

• Yesterday's release Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (PC DVD) is $49.99, free ship (next best $60)
Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition (PC DVD) is $9.99 (next best $30)


Software—Console games

PlayStation Network has a Final Fantasy Anniversary Sale with 50% off 12 Final Fantasy titles.
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy $9.99
Dissidia Final Fantasy $9.99
Final Fantasy IX $4.99
Final Fantasy VIII $4.99
Final Fantasy VII $4.99
Final Fantasy VI $4.99
Final Fantasy V $4.99
Final Fantasy IV $4.99
Final Fantasy Origins $4.99
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions $4.99
Final Fantasy Tactics $4.99
Dissidia 012 Prologus Final Fantasy $1.49


Gears of War 3: Epic Edition (360) is $60 with $2.98 shipping (next best $99)

Madden NFL 13 (Wii U, 360, PS3) is $39.59, free ship (next best $56)
FIFA Street (360, PS3) is $19.79 with $2.50 shipping (next best $30)


Anarchy Reigns (PS3) is $24.99 (next best $25)
Anarchy Reigns (360) is $23.99 (next best $30)
Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition (360) is $19.99 (next best $30)

Best Buy
LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3)—Pre-owned is $12.99, free ship (next best $20)



• PS3 Wireless Headset is $69.99, free ship today from Best Buy and Amazon. Next best is $80. [Dealzon]


• Tritton Kunai Stereo Headset for PS3 is $39.99, free ship from Amazon and comes in black, red, or white. Next best is $50. [Dealzon]

• Xbox 360 Live 12-Month Gold Membership Card is $34.99 with free one-day shipping from TigerDirect via eBay. Next best is $47. [Dealzon]


• Hanns-G 27-inch HL272HPB 1080p 2ms LED Monitor is $199.99, free ship from NewEgg. Next best is $250. [Dealzon]

• Samsung 22-inch S22A350H 1080p 2ms LED Monitor (Refurbished) is $114, free ship from Rakuten (formerly Buy.com). New low by $4. Next best is $136. [Dealzon]


• This week HP gave their 17.3-inch Envy dv7t-7300 Quad Edition laptop a new graphics card upgrade option, with the GeForce GT 635M 2GB replacing the old GeForce GT 630M. Along with Ivy Bridge Quad Core i7-3630QM, 8GB RAM, Blu-ray, and Windows 8 it costs $859.99 after coupon, plus $9.99 shipping from HP. List price is $975.

Alienware M14x Core i5 (Ivy Bridge) laptop with 6GB RAM, and 1GB GeForce GT 650M is $829.02 after coupon, free ship from Dell Home. New low for these specs by $70. Advertised on Dell's site for $999. Or get the same M14x with Core i7 upgrade for $929.02. That's $20 less than the Core i5 config sold for after coupon last week.


As always, smart gamers can find values any day of the week, so if you've run across a deal, share it with us in the comments.

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I wonder if I should buy Final Fantasy V so I'll have it for a good price when/if it become Vita-compatable.

Also, if the FFIV collection worth 10 bucks? I already have FFs 6-9.