Midweek Moneysaver: Budget Crysis

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This Wednesday edition of Kotaku's The Moneysaver catches all the offers, promotions and bargains that can't wait until the weekend. The Midweek Moneysaver is brought to you by Dealzon.



Crysis 3 is $39.99 (next best $42 at Origin, elsewhere $60)

• Yesterday's release SimCity: Limited Edition is $47.99 (elsewhere $60. GameFly changed its offer to the standard edition after this was originally published.)
• June 25 release Company of Heroes 2 is $47.99 (list $60)
Far Cry 3 is $39.99 (next best $50)
Dead Space 3 is $31.99 (next best $42)
Battlefield 3 is $9.58 (next best $40)
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate Digital Collection is $8.16 (next best $30)
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition is $7.99 (next best $20)
L.A. Noire Complete Edition is $5.99 (next best $30)
Alice: Madness Returns is $3.99 (next best $15)
Bulletstorm is $3.99 (next best $15)
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box is $3.99 (next best $20)
The Saboteur is $3.99 (next best $20)
F.E.A.R. 3 is $3.99 (next best $20)
Mirror's Edge is $3.99 (next best $20)
Battlefield 2 Complete Collection is $3.99 (next best $20)
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is $3.99 (next best $20)


Crysis 3 Digital Deluxe is $55.99, free ship (list $80)

Green Man Gaming
• Yesterday's release Tomb Raider is $40 (next best $50)
• Today's release Dollar Dash is $6.80 (list $10)
• Mar. 12 release Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 (PC download) is $24 (list $30)
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn (PC DLC) is $16 (next best $20)
Dishonored is $32.99, free ship (next best $60)
F1 Race Stars is $21.60 (next best $40)

Star Conflict: Galaxy Explorer Pack (PC DLC) is $37.99 (list $50)
RPG Maker VX Ace is $34.99 (list $70)
ArmA X: Anniversary Edition (6 downloads) is $24.99 (list $50)
ArmA II: Complete Collection (5 downloads) is $19.99 (list $40)
ArmA 2: Combined Operations (2 downloads) is $12.49 (next best $25)
NBA 2K13 is $14.99 (next best $30)
Syberia Bundle (2 downloads) is $3.74 (list $15)

Sleeping Dogs Digital Edition with Triad Enforcer Pack is $12 (next best $40)
Legacy of Kain Midweek: 75% Off is 75% Off (list $0)


Darksiders 2 is $9.99 from . Next best is $17.
Hotline Miami is $4.94 (next best $10)
Serious Sam games are 80% off

The Real Texas is $5.99 (list $15)
Waking Mars is $4.99 (list $10)

Farming Simulator 2013 is $18.99 (next best $30)
Talisman Prologue is $4.99 (next best $10)
Wallace & Gromit's Bundle is $4.99 (list $36)
All in Poker Bundle is $4.49 (list $15)


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (PC) is $29.99, free ship (next best $48)

The Humble Bundle with Android 5 is live this week. Pay what you want for 6 DRM Free games compatible with Android, PC, Mac, and Linux.


• BundleStars.com has released their 4th bundle. Entitled Fire and Ice, it includes 10 PC download games from indie developers for $4.97 at time of writing. Normally you'd pay $130 for these games separately. If you only pay $1.26, you'll still get the first two games on the list - Tiny Troopers and Airport Control Simulator. [Dealzon]

Console Games

Crysis 3 (360, PS3) is $39.99 (next best $42 at Origin, elsewhere $60)
• Yesterday's release MLB 2K13 (360, PS3) is $54.99 (list $60)
• Yesterday's release Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (360, PS3) is $54.99, free ship (list $60)
• Yesterday's release MLB 13 The Show (PS3) is $54.99, free ship (list $60)
Red Faction Armageddon (360, PS3) is $5.99 with $3.49 shipping (next best $14)


• Yesterday's release Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk (PS3) is $49.96, free ship (list $50)
NBA 2K13 (Wii U) is $38.49, free ship (next best $46)
Madden NFL 13 (Wii U) is $34.99, free ship (next best $39)
XCOM Enemy Unknown (PS3) is $32.72, free ship (next best $40)
NCAA Football 13 (PS3) is $28.63 with $3.99 shipping (next best $54)
Madden NFL 13 (PS3) is $29.99, free ship (next best $56)
Wonderbook: Book of Spells (PS3) is $9.99 (next best $30)

Dead Space 3 (360, PS3) is $41.99, free ship (next best $57)


• You can get an Xbox 360 Live 12-month card or instant digital code for $31.49 from NewEgg when you pay with V.me by Visa. Signup is free, no Visa card required. Next best is $35.


• Wii U Console 32GB Deluxe Set with Nintendo Land for $349.99 comes with $20 gift card from Best Buy. [Dealzon]

• Wii U Console 8GB Basic Set is $288 on Amazon from a couple third-party sellers. List price is $300. [Dealzon]


• Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 Gaming Headset is $104.99, free ship from Best Buy. New low by $13. Next best is $130. [Dealzon]

Tomb Raider and Limited Edition Wireless Controller (360) is $99.98, free ship from Best Buy. List price is $120. [Dealzon]


• Nintendo Wii Console (pre-owned) with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort is $79.99, free ship from CowBoom. [Dealzon]

• Alienware TactX Gaming Keyboard is $67.99, free ship from Dell Home. New low by $2. Next best is $78. [Dealzon]


• Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows PC is $39.99, free ship from NewEgg. Next best is $45. [Dealzon]

• Mad Catz RAT 3 Gaming Mouse is $29.99 after rebate, free ship from TigerDirect. Next best is $59. [Dealzon]


• Acer 27-inch HN274Hbmiiid 2ms 3D LED Monitor with nVidia 3D Glasses is $379.99, free ship from NewEgg. Next best is $400. [Dealzon]

• AOC 27-inch E2752VH 2ms LED Monitor is $189.99, free ship from Best Buy. New low by $10. Next best is $200. [Dealzon]


• Samsung 20-inch S20B350H 2ms LED Monitor (Refurbished) is $86.99, free ship from Rakuten. Next best is $100. [Dealzon]

• Kingston 128GB V200 Series SSD is $69.99, free ship from Staples. New low by $5. Next best is $100. [Dealzon]


HP Envy dv7t-7300 17.3-inch laptop with Ivy Bridge Quad Core i7-3630QM, 1080p display, GeForce GT 650M 2GB, Blu-ray, Windows 8 is $959.99 with $9.99 shipping from HP. New low by $40. List price is $1,200.

Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition laptop (refurbished) with 900p 17.3-inch display, Quad Core i7-3630QM, 8GB RAM, 900p, GeForce GT 650M 2GB is $749.99, free ship from eBay Deals. List price is $1,300.


HP Envy dv6t-7300 Quad Edition laptop with 1080p display, Quad Core i7-3630QM, GeForce GT 650M is $879.99 with $9.99 shipping from HP. New low by $20. List price is $1,100.

Alienware Aurora overclocked 4.1GHz desktop, Quad Core i7-3820, GeForce GTX 660 1.5GB dropped back down to $1,374, free ship from Dell Home. List price is $1,499.


As always, smart gamers can find values any day of the week, so if you've run across a deal, share it with us in the comments.

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Man, I'm getting more and more envious of all these awesome digital PC sales. I need to get the money together and build my gaming rig, stat.