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Midway Delaying Wheelman to Q1 2009

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When we played the Vin Diesel vehicle Wheelman at E3 last week, we were mostly surprised to learn that the game was coming out in the Fall. "What, this game?" we thought. While enjoyable junk food and technically impressive in parts, Wheelman felt like a game that was six months out, in need of a bit of polish before it went public. Fortunately, that's what it sounds like Midway is planning to do, as reps told us at Comic-Con tonight that the title, originally scheduled for a release this year will get more time in the development incubator. Now planned for a Q1 '09 release, Wheelman will still beat the movie of the same name to the theaters, it will arrive just a bit later and hopefully be the better for it. We also hope they'll rewrite that pedestrian car dodging logic. Far too many suicidal Barcelonans in this game...