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Midnight Club LA Made Easier For Wimps Like Me?

Illustration for article titled Midnight Club LA Made Easier For Wimps Like Me?

Rockstar has issued a new title update for Midnight Club: Los Angeles, adding "improved AI balance to adjust dynamically to user skill level." Wait... does that mean less expletive/controller hurling, thanks to sane AI-controlled drivers?


Until we actually go update the thing — it's now out for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 — we're going to assume that means a less frustrating computer controlled opponent. And, if so, praise be to all that is good and holy in this universe.

The title update also adds "support for additional leaderboards for tournaments on the Rockstar Games Social Club, broader multiplayer match searching, and upgraded streaming and performance" specifically for the Xbox 360 version.

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I was hugely disappointed by this game. Sure, police chases are always fun, but it fails on other things.

Primary gripe is that it's just not fun to drive the car around. Driving physics was terrible even for an arcade game.

And LA was hopelessly murdered for sake of easy programming. Whatever it is on the game isn't LA. At least on TDU, the roads and freeways correlate to their real life counterparts, but on MC LA, I did not recognize much but a few major landmarks and the freeway system was all screwed up. They cut out too much out. And the map is too small, which made driving from downtown LA to Santa Monica Beach, on normal road, wayyyyy too quick.

It might sound like nitpicking, but I hate it when game publishers recreate real places on games only to liberally change everything for the sake of gameplay or playability. That's why I've yet to forgive GRID for completely making the hash of Long Beach GP circuit.