Middle-Aged Man Dies During Marathon Gaming Session

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In Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, a 48 year-old man was found dead this morning at an internet cafe. The man, whose last name was Liu, had been playing for seven hours, when he slumped over at his keyboard. He had paid for a ten-hour block.


The net cafe tried unsuccessful to wake him, before calling the paramedics. When they arrived on the scene, it was too late.

Mr. Liu, who was described as a big, healthy man, was a net cafe regular. Since he would game at the net cafe two or three times a week for ten-hour sessions, nobody really expected anything so sudden and so unfortunate like this would happen.

電動連打10小時 男子網咖猝死 [Yahoo!]

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This could happen to anyone. There is one thing, that should be known more widely.

If you play for more than five hours straight without moving from your position, dont do sudden movements as it might burst your blood vessels. The weaker your system, the more dangerous it is. Its best if you stand up every 2-4 hours, walk a few paces, roll your eyes, roll your shoulders and then back to action. This should be teached at school actually.