Let's TGS. Like we said, this year's Microsoft TGS booth is special. Not for the games, necessarily (OK, for the games), but for the fact that the company's army of booth companions have new outfits! What's better, they have two new outfits! It's the megaton of (fashion) show so far. How do they shape up? Let's. Find. Out.

As you can see, there are two outfits. One is a sleek, futuristic, Space Channel 5-meets-the-Jetsons number. Looks like a polyester blend. The other is a funky urban cowgirl/80's British punk thing, with a hint of side-boob. Both are a good look. And both are, most importantly, only improved by the lady's personal touches and individual accessories.

Think the urban cowgirl look's a little hokey? Give it a little Mediterranean flair with this beret/neckerchief combo.


Don't like Xbox green? Add a little style with this grey belt/suspenders pairing.


Or if careful accessorising isn't your thing, you could always go the more direct method of attracting attention.