Microsoft's "Future Of PC Gaming" Video Is Terrifying

Microsoft probably has many ideas on what constitutes the future of gaming on the PC. It's too big a company not to. But this particular one is so horrible you may not want to even see it.

Put together by the Windows Gaming Experience team, this video was originally made and released in 2010. So if the content looks a little out of date, that's why. It's only just been noticed publicly this week, however, and the entire principle of the thing is just so awful I don't know where to start.

Get past the obvious stuff, like the use of "p0wned", and you see something a lot more insidious: a desire to see the PC become Xbox Live. Which runs contrary to the very reason most people advocate the PC as a gaming platform in the first place.


It may seem incredible for Microsoft executives and research teams to be able to combine all that fancy commerce and integration in the one platform, ala Xbox Live, but PC users invested enough to be playing Battlefield don't want that kind of hegemony. They want choices, open platforms, the ability to build an experience according to their own needs and desires.

Not something that seems designed expressly to control, and then nickel-and-dime the consumer, at every step of the way.

Now, before you get too worked up, this is a year old. And it's an internal video, made as part of Microsoft's ongoing research into the PC gaming market. It's not an official statement of intent, nor is it a sign that this is something the company is definitely working on with an intent to release: remember, giant corporations like Microsoft are working on loads of different things at any one time.

But this particular idea? No thank you.

Internal Microsoft video shows plans for next-gen gaming experience [ZDNet]

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Darrisbob1 - ☆彡

OKOKOKOKOKOKok, 2 things, Microsoft.

1. I have a female co-worker at my job who loves Gears of War, Dragon Age, and goes to anime conventions (usually dressed as Chun-Li). She is awesome, and we play game together on LIVE all the time. One time she was talking to a stranger and she said that she really enjoyed Dragon Age: Origins, and was basicly suggesting it to them. She then said that she had spent probably 80 hours on the game. To this, the guy responded, "wow, and your a girl, too". After this guy had left, she went into this rant about stereotypes and stuff.

That video was extremly... ugh. Girl buys clothing, older girl plays Bejeweled, guy plays Battlefield BC 2. Can't they just break the mold for once? Show the girl playing Assassin's Creed, and the guy playing Peggle? I mean, its all just a commercial, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

2. LET ME BUY STUFF FOR MY FRIENDS!!!! You know what I love about Steam? I can buy things for my friends if they don't have it so we can play something together. How come everytime I want to get my friend something I have to buy some Microsoft Points from a store THEN give him the code over the phone or through Steam chat?