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Lots of new broke at today's the Xbox E3 press conference. Here it is all in one place for easy reading — for you, for me and that guy over there.


Arguably, the biggest news was the announcement of Natal, Microsoft's motion controller interface. Thing about this post is that if you stand up, wave your arms around and scream, this post will recognize your movement and speech. No, really. Try it.

Of course, this post will only recognize...

Here's your round-up, reader people.
Microsoft's E3 Expo Live Blog
Halo 3 ODST Priced Like A Full Game, Loaded With Content
Alan Wake Story Details, New Screens
Zune Video Comes to Live In 1080p HD This Fall
Microsoft Makes You The Motion Controller With Project Natal
Molyneux's Milo Brings a Virtual Child to the Xbox 360
Why Xbox 360 New Controller Is Called 'Natal'
See Microsoft's Project Natal In Action
Bungie Announces New Halo Game
Facebook, Twitter Coming To Xbox 360
First Look At Halo 3 ODST Xbox 360 Controller
Xbox 360 Avatars Getting New Outfits, Props, Marketplace
Crackdown 2, Left 4 Dead 2 Announced
Left 4 Dead 2 Features Melee, Deeper Coop
Meet Left 4 Dead 2's New Survivors, See First Screens
Crackdown 2 Adds Competitive Multiplayer, Hits In 2010
Microsoft Offering 360 Games On Demand Starting August
Metal Gear Comes To The Xbox 360 With All-New Title
Last.FM Coming To Xbox Live
Forza 3 Speeding To 360 This October
Final Fantasy Coming To Xbox 360 In "Spring 2010"
First Two Modern Warfare 2 Map Packs Timed 360 Exclusives
Achievements Reveal Halo: Reach, Joy Ride, Shadow Complex, And More
Metal Gear Solid: Rising Teaser Trailer
Forza Motorsport 3 Screens Zoom Into View
All You Need Is The Beatles: Rock Band Debut Trailer
Halo: Reach Trailer Knows What You Know
Rapid-fire Forza 3, L4D2, Halo ODST Impressions Now Being Tweeted
Alan Wake Creeps Me Out
Things Unmentioned At The Microsoft Press Conference
XBLA Getting Free, DLC-Supported Racing Game


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